Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cutting up a dragon - what's inside?

While shopping for duck legs, pork belly, live spot prawns, and other exotic things in Ranch 99 oriental market we came across something that looked like a beautiful tropical flower, and was just $1.89 a pound. The name is "Dragon fruit". We asked a few store clerks and oriental-looking customers, and no one knew what it is and how to eat it. So we just took the beast home with us.

An Internet search identified it as a fruit of a cactus plant, to be peeled, sliced, and eaten raw. The white flesh dotted with black eadible seeds is fresh and juicy, and the texture and taste remind me of an underripe supermarket strawberry, just a different color. Unexciting, considering the appearance of the fruit. Next time, I'll sure buy it, and use it whole for table decoration.


cwellins said...

I looove this stuff. while traveling via Sailboat from S.F. to Columbia, we discovered a relative of this fruit in Liberia Market in Costa Rica, the flesh of that one was red I believe but a very close relative. It is called Pithaya, but dragon fruit sounds better eh?

amarillo said...

I haven't seen it in Costa Rica or anywhere in the Caribbean. Must be seasonal.

It probably was much tastier in the tropics. The one we had was refreshing, but not very flavorful.

Now I want to try the red variety too.