Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CIA Culinary Arts Boot Camp, day 1

No time to write in details, just a few highlights:

- Everything about the Institute is impressive
- What they call a "giftshop" is actually a complete kitchen store, it has everything from pots and pans to wine service. Expensive.
- I especially liked the corkscrew collection in the lobby; I would travel there just to see the collection
- We got lucky: our class is in the brand-new Viking demo kitchen that they just put in. We have it to ourselves all day
The first day was broiling, grilling, and Caribbean cuisine.
What we made:
Grilled chicken breast with adobo de achiote marinade (both on the gas grill and charcoal fire; I was gas-grilling, but my grill was downwind from the charcoal pit, so I got my share of "smoking chicken" too)
Smoked corn and chile salsa (charcoal)
Mamba (Haitian peanut sauce; spicy, delicious, cures cold instantly)
Quinoa pilaf with roasted peppers
Grilled vegetables

We also had a knife skilles demonstration and practice, made a lot of compost.
Did I mention that the class is very fast and intense?
The best part (after cooking) is going to the Teaching Kitchen to try what the two-year culinary program students are making. Then the pastry students come out of their bakery and pastry kitchen and offer little dessert samples for everyone to taste. You cannot try them all, and it's a shame.
Chocolate and Guinness souffle I'll never forget.
Back to the class now.

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