Friday, February 20, 2009

The Refuge Pub in San Carlos

I will be back soon, I promise! Life is getting back to normal, I even started to spend some time at home, so the new food posts are on the way.

For now I just want to share a recent restaurant find. The Refuge is located in the downtown San Carlos and specializes in Belgian beer and European style charcuterie. The Old World wine list is small but represents a little of everything. The interior is low-key European looking, reminiscent of a bistro at a small train station somewhere in central France (except for the bathroom that is large and clean). And the patio is heated. Overall, a very good place to be on a rainy Saturday afternoon, especially if it happens to also be Valentine's Day.

Pictured is a plate of chopped chicken livers, duck rillettes and pastrami rillettes, served with olives, caperberries and grapes, slices of homemade bread, and crackers.