Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sturgeon Kebabs

Sturgeon Kebabs
The temperature is in the nineties again, I have to grill, even if only for myself.
One of my favorite fishes for grilling is sturgeon, not only because it's my heritage fish (Russians adore sturgeon, it's a topic for a separate post, family history and all), but also it's boneless, the taste is strong enough to stand up to any interesting marinade, and it's so firm that it never ever falls apart on the grill. And I just happened to have a steak that I took out of the freezer last night.

So I cut most of the meat from the steak (the trimmings in a marked zip-lock bag went right back into the freezer for future stocks) and cut it into large cubes.
The marinade was made by rinsing the blender after making chimichurri sauce with a half-glass of Pinot Grigio and juice from a couple of key limes. Kebabs ready to grill After the fish spent 30 minutes in the marinade (and the bamboo skewers in a bottle of water), I took it out, wiped it with paper towels, threaded it on skewers with chunks of sweet red onion from the farmers market, brushed it with EVOO and grilled over medium fire for a few minutes, turning three times. The sauce was made out of reduced and strained marinade.

Yellow rice is colored by tumeric. I'll use saffron next time, I missed the flavor.

Decorated with chopped parsley, nasturtium flower from the garden.

Washed down with laftover cooking-quality Pinot Grigio and a glass of Perrier.


Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet said...

These look delicious. I'll admit I've never made kebabs from fish before, because I always have little visions of me sadly watching the fish fall away through the grate and then me having some sort of "what will we eat now?" meltdown.

Perhaps I should try sturgeon.

amarillo said...

Erin - both sturgeon and swordfish worked well on skewers for me.