Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick tomato update

I have a project deadline at work, so there is very little time to blog. I've done some interesting cooking and eaten out, but all this will have to wait till the next week. The food photos are just accumulating on my disk.

So here is one piece of good news for now: my first tomato of the season is turning red. It's an Early Girl, it beat even the Cherries in their race to maturity, though it was a close match.

Heirlooms have a few berries on them, starting to take on the characteristic ugly shape, but it will probably be two-three weeks before we can try them.


Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet said...

I'm still waiting on mine...eagerly. This is my first year trying to grow tomatoes out on my urban fire-escape turned garden space. I eye my cherries every morning with my fingers crossed.

amarillo said...

I tried last summer, with very few results - I was living in a cold place by the ocean then. Now I moved into a warmer climate, and the tomatoes grow well. And yes, I spend an indecent amount of time watching the tomatoes grow.