Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lazy Saturday Morning in the Garden

Early Girl tomato
  • Wake up at 7 am to a birdsong, try to sleep till 8, no chance

  • While the water for the coffee is boiling, sweep the patio

  • Clean the sunny pond, cut out water hyacinths overgroving the shadow pond

  • Tie up the tomatoes and peppers

  • Repot the basil

  • Arugula has gone to seed - kill or wait to collect the seeds? I'll wait

  • Edit yesterday's post - I've been drinking

  • Make OJ and coffee

  • Remove the ivy from under the fig tree

  • Drink OJ and coffee

  • Water the orchids

  • Post to blog

  • Clear spiders from the shower, shower

  • Time to relax in the sun? - Too late, it's noon already, the worst time for sunbathing. Off to buy more tomato cages.

Hungarian Purple pepper

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