Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wine and Cheese by the Bay

In our never ending quest for new and interesting foods (and driven by my curiosity to explore different farmers markets), we went all the way to the tiny town of Point Reyes Station, that has a market on Saturday morning. The market turned out to be very small, containing more useless stuff than food, and the sleepy little town, populated completely by Marin Inhabitants Type II (hippie-environment-meditation-spiritual-vegetarian-marijuana) failed to impress. That is, until we saw the sign. The sign was attached to a large barn next to the town center, and it read "Cowgirl Creamery". The famous creamery that in the nineties started the fashion for artisan cheeses in the US, and that still supplies the best cheese courses to the fanciest restaurants in San Francisco and beyond, was right here, in the barn in front of us. In we went.

The interior of the barn is divided into a glass enclosure where they make the cheese, and a cheese shop. In the shop, they sell their own cheeses as well as cheeses from all over the States and Europe.

We got a mild-tasting Carmody from Sonoma for the FatCat™ and a strong Cowgirl Creamery's Red Hawk for myself. They also have a grilled sandwich counter in the shop, but we didn't have time for a sandwich. We were on our way to the cute village of Inverness, on Tamales Bay, for a picnic of wine and cheeses.

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Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Yummm. How lucky was that? The picnic looks great!