Thursday, May 15, 2008

More vegetables from the market

Guys, it's hot here! When the temperature hit 100F, I hit the AC button. Didn't help much, not in a convertible. Well, what's good for my heirloom tomatoes must be good for me, right?
The tomato plants seem to love this.

Thanks to the dry air and the wind, this temperature doesn't make you completely miserable, as it did on the East Coast, with it's summer heat and humidity; here, it's a nice hot day to go check out the market.

The reason why I just cannot miss a week and not go to the market is that, at least this time of the year, there is something new every time.

Last week the first cherries and heirloom tomatoes appeared.

Now we have various kinds of zuccini and other summer squashes.
On the other hand, apples are almost gone by now, and oranges are about to follow. It's good that citrus fruits never really get out of season here, but the peak is past.

So, here is today's catch. Leeks, carrots, asparagus, fava beans, tomatoes, zuccini, onion.
I didn't want the onion, but the vendor literally pushed it on me: you already got onions? Not THIS kind of onions! And it's $1! - it was 30 minuted till the end of the market.

This looks like a minestrone. Or does it?Something's missing here. Well, I guess the heat did get to me to a degree. I forgot my market bag, so when I got to the stall selling beautiful cauliflowers, my hands were full of slippery plastic bags, and I just couldn't carry anything else.
So I'll have to compromize my organic fresh local seasonal cooking and buy cabbage in the supermarket. Or just make a light summery version without cabbage? To be updated...

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