Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OK, Guess I have to start somewhere...

Grilled Sea Scallops, Saffron Risotto

Ever since I moved to Marin County in January, I've been going to Marin Farmers Market almost every week. Like all things Marin it's so outrageously upscale, ecologically correct and certified organic that it looks totally fake. I should write more about this market some time, I go there like one goes to a zoo, and it's much closer to home.

However, between certified free range eggs coming from hens that are being treated humanely on a local farm, and unwashed organic homegrown carrots at $3/bunch one can always find something interesting, and at times even unique - it's a big market, you know.

This weeks find were fresh sea scallops on half-shell, individually packed, from Peru. Yes, these sea monsters have been on a trance continental flight, and still they looked very fresh. I never look that fresh after these flights. On the other hand, few sea scallops live to be my age.

Sold at $1.50 a piece or $15 per dozen, they are medium-sized, but worth it anyway! They are probably the best scallops I ever had.

With seafood so great you don't need much seasoning or decoration. What I did was put a little piece of lemon-shallot butter on each,
and grilled them on the covered gass grill at 400F for 2 minutes.

Served with simple saffron risotto (shallot, olive oil, saffron, white wine, chicken stock, Carnaroli rice), cherry tomatoes (next time I will omit the tomatoes, they don't really belong to this story, both color and texture) and Italian parsley.

Wine: Dry Creek Saralee's Vineyard Chardonnay 2004.

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