Friday, April 16, 2010

Market watch: April

After all the long winter months of cabbages, potatoes, turnips, and torrentious rains, the farmers market is getting exciting again. The new asparagus is so tender that you can eat it raw (and I do).

While the fava beans in my garden are just beginning to show their first black and white flowers, the market already got young fava beans - for a week or two their skins are so tender that no double shelling is required.

The first heirloom tomatoes and small mediterranean cucumbers show up (at stellar prices).
The strawberries are reaching their peak.

I feel like turning vegetarian. I made myself a salad of mixed greens with young fava beans, shelled and steamed for 3 minutes, heirloom tomatoes, sliced raw asparagus, and mediterrenian cucumber. I know I shouldn't eat onions before going salsa dancing; but could I leave these beautiful spring onions out?

Keeping to the local, seasonal concept, I added lardons made of my home-cured bacon, and a free-range duck egg, soft boiled.
This salad got the simplest dressing of red wine vinegar and EVOO that it deserved.

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