Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duck, the better turkey

Better late than never: Our Thanksgiving table.

We actually had to have the Thanksgiving dinner a day earlier, since we were going to use the long weekend to make a trip to Death Valley, and the Thanksgiving Day is the best time to leave the Bay Area without getting stuck in traffic for hours. For the same reason there could be no leftovers. And I like duck better than turkey anyway.

Surrounded by sautéed winter vegetables, home-cured olives, fire roasted red bell peppers, a salad of mixed baby greens, and accompanied by duck stock reduction with shallots and porcini mushrooms, the duck was just enough to serve three - no leftovers.

The purple cauliflower, when cooked, turns very un-food like blue color, just as the grower at the market told me. I was so proud to have found an authentic blue vegetable!

The next day, while the entire nation was consuming millions or turkeys, we ate a late-night dinner in Denny’s in Bakersfield, CA (I had an omelet), with warm memories of our small tasty birdie.

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I sure do love to do some Eating!