Thursday, April 30, 2009

...and then we eat

I have just changed the name of this blog. Why? The old name didn't mean anything to anyone but a few close friends. So, what is the new one about?

One of my many passions in life is sailing. "...and then we eat" is the favorite phrase of most sailors when they show you their vacation photos. There would be pictures of exotic lands, glorious full sails on a run, crew members happily pulling lines or hiking out on the close reach, wind and ocean spray in their faces, a proud skip at the wheel, with the islands just left behind in the background. And for the end of each day there would be at least a couple of food photos to show.

Food (and drink!) is an important part of any travel. In a sailboat cruise, it's the central part; you sail from one meal to another. Being on the water makes you hungry.

Smoked salmon on rye bread, Nothern Norway 2006.

So I would like this blog to be an adventure. A culinary adventure in the kitchen, on the road, at sea, in the mountains, at the market, by the grill in the back yard, anywhere. And then we eat.

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