Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home curing olives, wish me good luck.

For the last few days the employees and visitors of our business park were amused by the sight of a woman in a nice office attire, high heels and all, sometimes with a laptop bag tossed to the side, picking olives from the trees decorating our driveway. Well, may be they took it as a sign of the economy going down, and were not amused at all. I just couldn't let these beautiful olives go to waste, and I had always wanted to try to cure my own.
Right, there must be a harder way to do it.
Anyway, I have picked 6 pounds.

Now they are washed, covered with brine (1 cup of kosher salt, 8 cups of water) and cheesecloth to keep them submerged. I'm planning the release around the end of November, but since I didn't crack them (I like whole olives better) it may take even longer.

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